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Ready to cash in a bunch of old jewelry, tableware, or coins? Do you have a bunch of gold chains sitting around in a drawer that are out of style from the 80’s? Did you just inherit a bunch of silver tableware that will just sit in a closet? Do you have friends that are in the same situation?

We can help! Hosting a gold party is easy!

HOST A GOLD PARTY IN ORLANDOYou can host at your home or our office — simply call us to make an appointment.  Ask some friends to meet you with their precious metal items and you will receive 10% of the total commission!  This is an easy way to sell your precious metal items at the best rates in Orlando and even make some extra cash!

We appraise your items and offer a price to you based on the weight of the item, the type of metal, and sometimes even the brand or recognizing a feature of the item — for instance if you have coins in original packaging.  From there, you can choose whether or not to sell your items to us.  We offer a low-stress environment for selling your items.  If you host a gold party in our Orlando office, we offer private transactions in a separate room from the rest of the party.  Also feel free to bring light food and beverages to enjoy!

Being a gold party host in Orlando is a way to easily earn $200-500 — and you are paid immediately after the party by check!  Honest Gold Buyer also offers custom email invitations to your guests, just send us their email addresses and we will do the rest! Leave the hard work to us and make extra cash by hosting your next gold party with Honest Gold Buyer!

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